Benjamin’s Diary

Benjamin’s Diary


Thursday September.8, 1872 7:00

It was the first day of school. I was rushing through breakfast. My mom told me I still had lots of time. I grabbed my things and set off for school.


Dong! Dong! James had rung the bell. We all rushed inside and took our seats. The second we stepped inside, a blast of warm air surrounded us. Our teacher, Mr. Kaco said we would have math first. “Yes!” I thought. Math was my favorite subject. I could read the x5 table in less than a minute. Mr. Kaco told Joshua to read the x4 table. He stood up and said a bunch of numbers. “Wow!” I said. “He’s good!” The rest of the day was pretty good.

Friday September.9, 1872 11:20

We were having lunch. A bad one for me. I had a piece of bread and a pickle. The piece of bread didn’t really fill my stomach. And for pickles, I don’t really like pickles. I was so going complain to my mom about this lunch. James even got a special treat: a cheese sandwich. This morning Joshua had gotten punished for chasing William and Henry in the classroom.

Saturday September.10, 1872 2:00

Today Mr. Kaco told us to read from our readers. Everyone read well but Bill read the best. His voice was loud and clear. He read so well that everyone clapped for him. Then everyone laughed when he took a little bow.

Ricky as Benjamin