Star Adventure part 6

It was a foggy night. The team met up at the biosphere at exactly 9:00. They found that one of the windows had been left open. “Should we go in?” Chris asked. “I guess.” Jimmy replied. The trio climbed in through the window. They found the front door and Benjamin reached for the knob. Just as he was going to turn it, Chris grabbed his wrist and exclaimed “Watch out! There’s a hi-tech security system!”

“Chris is right, you have to be more careful.” Jimmy said.”But be a little quieter, we don’t want anyone to hear us, especially that guard dog.” “So how do we get in, smartypants, huh?” Benjamin shot back.”I don’t think we need to. We should be able to hear and see everything from here.” Chris said, annoyed. The boys started to walk toward the back, when they heard a door opening. They froze and crouched down into the shadows.

“Boys, I think we have a problem. We were going to use the back door to get onto the starship, but there are some security camera’s back there.” They heard a deep voice that Jimmy and Chris recognized as the boss’s voice that they had heard a few days ago say.” Then they heard a voice that they agreed was Felix, suggest “We could enter from a little opening a saw on the spaceport’s blueprints that is probably a skylight.” “Well, that problem is solved. I thought that would take a little longer than a minute, so let me treat you guys to some coffee and cookies.”

Star Adventure part 5

“Hey, wait up Jimmy!” Benjamin called. ” I wanna show you something!” Jimmy turned around and waited for Benjamin to catch up. “Check this out Jimmy.” Benjamin gave Jimmy I gold pen. “So?” Jimmy asked. “Not like its real gold. Is it?” “No, but aim the pen at the ground and press the button. Jimmy did as he was told and pressed the button. A long gold blade came out of the pen. “WOAH!” Jimmy exclaimed. “The blade’s just plastic though.” Benjamin told Jimmy

“Aww. I actually thought that was a real gold sword.” Jimmy complained. “But it’s still awesome though.” “Did you make this yourself?” Jimmy asked in amazement. “Well, my dad helped me a little.” Benjamin admitted. “You can have if you want. I have another one at home that’s painted diamond blue. I like it better.” Benjamin said. “Really?! That’s awesome dude!” Jimmy said. “Thanks so much. It’s sure gonna help me on my missio-opps.”

“Wait, what mission?” Benjamin asked. Jimmy did not know if he could trust Benjamin. He was one of his best friends but he didn’t know if he should tell him about the secret. “Come on, what’s so secret that you can’t even trust me about?” Benjamin asked. “Fine, I’ll tell you but you have to make sure no one ever finds out about this.” Jimmy told him. “Now, our next meeting will be at in my basement tomorrow at 8:00. Ask your parents if you can come.”

The next day, after school in the Jimmy’s basement, Jimmy, Benjamin and Chris met each other. “Here Chris, this pen can shoot nerf darts super fast and hard. I filled my pen with sleep gas.” Benjamin said as he gave Chris a pen that was painted emerald green. “Cool! That’s awesome!” Chris exclaimed. He took the pen and aimed it at the wall. He pressed the button. Nothing happened.

“Oh, no! I broke it already!” Chris told Benjamin. “Actually, I didn’t load it yet. You didn’t break it.” Benjamin informed him. Then he burst out laughing. “Ok, now that we are prepared I think we can go for another infiltration mission.” Jimmy told the other boys. “Let’s go on Saturday. Precisely at 9:00.” Chris suggested. “My parents are going out for 3 hours.” “Ok, so it’s decided then. This meeting is officially over.” Jimmy said as he stood up.